Waste not, want not Vadais.

ivomec plus tractor supply The ‘thought-fox’ beef pickle story has a bit of a continuation although it has nothing to do with the pickle, per se. In my enthusiasm to try out the recipe, I had shredded more meat than was required for the masala at hand, and so, a portion had to be kept away in the freezer for another day, another recipe, and another story. The meat was, subsequently, forgotten for over a week till the freezer began to wear a depleted look and the forgotten odds and ends revealed themselves for the saving graces that they are. A handful of small prawns that I reserve to enhance the taste of a vegetable dish, a half a dozen Trichy sausages, some bacon and the shredded meat shouted out to me begging to be cooked. Since none of my L.Os. were sufficient to go around the large table at home, in its own quantities , it had to be a combo recipe and vadais came to mind. The beef and prawns would, together, do the trick, and made into vadais would mean an ample accompaniment to the main meal. Jesus did convert five small barley loaves and two fish to feed the thousands at Tabgha. That was indeed a miracle! Taking a leaf out of the holy book thousands of resourceful woman perform such feats in their kitchens, everyday. Thoughtless waste or unimaginative cooking leads to a lot of good food being thrown away and I did not want that sin laid at my door. So, vadais it was – finely diced onions, ginger, garlic, and green chillies, chopped curry leaves, salt, rice flour, powdered big jeera (saunf), raw prawns and the shredded meat were combined in a bowl to which was added soaked and almost fully ground kadalai dhall. Mixed together they were made into small spherical balls and then slightly flattened to appear very much like miniature flying saucers. Into hot oil they went, and on cooking to a slightly dark and crispy brown hue, they were removed and drained on kitchen paper towels, cooled and stored away in an airtight container till it was time for the meal. Postscript: An active hippocampus hoards so many of Nana’s terse expressions that impacts on the conscience to produce, ‘waste not, want not’ recipes of which beef and prawn vadais is one!

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