ivermectin for dogs how often Hello Everyone! My ‘lady-of-leisure’ days have come to an end. I have started to earn my daily bread once more. Apparently, my department can no longer do without me. But I think they want me back because they are just jealous. Enough of writing about your food, they say. Come back. Some of you might feel sorry for me, may…be…, but Shivan comments that he sees a spring in my step as I leave the house in the mornings. So yes, I confess that it feels good to be back to the grind (I never thought I would say something like this, ever). What pleasure it is to travel down uncongested roads, to deal with work in the quiet of my chamber, and then to sit across like-minded colleagues, mask and all, and plot on how to keep the whole teaching fraternity busy during the lockdown.  No, no, no! We are not the ones to hex. There’s another level above that schemed to bring the aforementioned ‘like-minded’ people together and someone else above them who has cracked the whip …. That’s the old normal. Back on the job also means rising early, cooking quickly, rushing off. The eternal question of ‘what to cook’ is answered by simpler meals now and a healthy favourite of mine is Pondicherry Thanisaar (translates to watery gravy?, maybe). A signature dish of a particular Tamil community in Pondicherry, it is largely restricted to preparation in their own homes. So Thanisaar it was yesterday, made with coconut milk, the second and third waters of washed uncooked rice, greens and prawn. And no, making it just with coconut milk is not Thanisaar! Pour liberally over slightly over boiled rice and serve with some mustard prawn and potato porriyal – ultimate comfort food that leaves you craving for more. Slurp!

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