Thakali Thithipu

gay dating service in lawrence massachusetts If you are from Pondicherry, you’d guess right away what Thakali Thithipu (Tomato Sweet) is and what it is served with! And if you are not, then I’m compelled to extol the virtues of this simple but delectable accompaniment to the universally loved Biryani. Having tasted Biryani from different states across India, I am yet to find Thakali Thithipu set out along side the usual accessories such as, Curd Raitha and Yennai Kathirika (Spicy masala brinjals loaded with oil) anywhere else, except in my hometown. Tomato sweet is not the tomato jam that some homes make as it differs in texture. It serves as a delicious digestive to the heavy biryani, especially when you don’t know when to stop eating, urged on by succulent mutton falling tenderly off the bone and melting in one’s mouth. No other biryani works for me like Mutton Biryani! Yum, yum, yum. Thakali Thithipu is easy to make, so here comes the recipe for anyone who’d like to give it a chance with biryani. One kilo of tomatoes would need 800 grams of sugar. Dice the tomatoes small (don’t puree them as the taste changes) and put the diced tomatoes and the sugar together into a vessel. The vessel needs to be a lot bigger than the contents as the mixture will rise as it boils. To the tomatoes and the sugar add two cinnamon sticks (one and a half inches each) and about 5 cloves. Put it on the stove and let it cook, slowly. Do not add water at all. As the mixture boils, it will also slowly thicken and reduce in quantity. There are two ways to know when to take the tomato mixture off the stove. 1. The frothy texture on the surface will reduce considerably and, 2. The mixture takes approximately an hour to cook to completion. Combining your knowledge of one and two above will help you know when to turn off the flame. The end result should be a semi-solid mixture and on cooling will thicken further. And before I forget, before taking it off the fire, fry cashewnuts and raisins in a little ghee and add to the tomato. So do try this out, and it will be bye-bye to Gelucil or Alcool de Mente after a heavy biryani lunch. Feedback on your experiment with Thakali Thithipu would be much appreciated. Bon appetit!

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