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free gay dating near shreveport la Hi Everyone! Sorry for the break. Academic assignments deferred work on the vadavam. Anyway, before I continue with procedure, I would like to state that with vadavam making, it’s each to her own method. The ingredients are almost the same; the departure is in the way we allow it to soak and dry. So, my mix has soaked together for 48 hours before I open the container and let the pungent vapors out. Not a soul in the house is left unaffected. The knowing recognize promise in the smell, the others want to know what is rotting! I shoo them all away and settle down to the task at hand. The castor-cooking oil is out (already combined) (remember I had saved half of the quantity), I drizzle my right hand with some of it and reach in for a handful of the mixture. I then squeeze the ingredients into a small ball, and keep pressing and rolling it around in my palm till it holds together tight. Satisfied with size, shape and texture I place it lightly on a plate and repeat the procedure all over again. An hour and fifteen minutes later I have 79 spherical shapes before me, of almost equal size and am sure that I have developed carpal tunnel syndrome in the process  (nope, just joking). I am happy. I have enough for having and sharing! I put them out to dry in the hot afternoon sun and throw a thin cloth over the plates to keep the dust off. Tomorrow, I will pick up each ball and roll it around my oil drizzled palms again and put them out to dry. The day after tomorrow I will repeat the same exercise after which they will be left to slowly shrink and dry completely. The vadavam balls should be ready to be packed away in about two to three weeks depending on the size and the intensity of the sun they receive. Alternatively, you don’t have to make spherical shapes but just spread out the mixture on a tray, add oil for two days, mix and spread out again. The ingredients will dry faster. So why the tedious process of rolling them into a shape? Because, when we need to use vadavam, we just have to reach out for a ball. One should be just sufficient to temper a dish and we don’t risk putting a wet or unclean spoon into the container and contaminating the rest of the stuff. And now, an aside. My job this afternoon was to prepare an online questionnaire to capture details of research activities undertaken by faculty during the lockdown. I was told by my Director to accept any piece of writing that has been published. He asked if I would be making a submission too. I tried my luck and said, ‘Yes, it’s titled  Jirjā gay kissing videos Vadavam from Scratch!’ I’m very fortunate that he’s an amiable man. 

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