Setback Saturdays!

gay hookup sites near fairmont mn If Julius Caesar had to ‘Beware of the Ides of March’, I’m sure that somewhere in my horoscope it says ‘Watch out for Saturdays’. The most horrendous of calamities befall me on this particular day of the week for reasons hard to fathom. My younger daughter, Zoë, has, on two different occasions, both Saturdays, frightened the living daylights out of us, events that have contributed to my premature greyness, and early morning calls that inevitably only deliver sad tidings (for no one wakes us up at an ungodly hour to announce a birth or an engagement!)  have often been received on this particular day of the week. I have begun to notice a pattern, and so this morning I should have been better composed when the glass top of my four burner stove suddenly fragmented into a thousand pieces – the suddenness and the shock of it reducing me to tears. The breakfast of puttu and kadalai curry that I had planned on had to be put, temporarily, on hold, till nerves were calmed and a certain amount of clearing up, done. The breakfast menu was then dished out for lunch as I was still in a foul mood and had no intention of doing more than what was absolutely necessary in the food department. So puttu and kadalai curry it was! Now the puttu that I’m talking about is not the traditional rice puttu of Kerala but rava (Semolina) puttu that is the only kind of puttu that is made and relished at home (despite having a full-blown Malayalee among us). As it quite often happens when it comes to certain dishes, I wonder. Is Rava Puttu Anglo-Indian fare or has the family imbibed it from the dominant food culture in Pondicherry? Do homes outside the Territory make it too? The taste is very different from the rice variety, it is made very differently, the inclusion of raisins and cashewnuts fried in ghee and tossed in towards the end is unique to it, but rava puttu is consumed either with bananas and sugar or with kadalai curry (not forgetting grated coconut) in the same manner the latter is. The unfortunate incident, not withstanding, we did enjoy the breakfast-served-for-lunch fare while we waited for the service centre to pick up the stove to have the glass top replaced. However, the fact remains that Saturdays are just not my days!

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