Pastimes and Past Times.

gay dating redland md Rocha Weary after a prolonged discussion on work-related issues, the conversation around the Boss’ table veered off-course to dwell on personal preoccupations during the lockdown. Many bemoaned the fact that apart from trying to keep themselves busy by reviving hobbies or completing half done jobs around the home, keeping the children engaged with activities was proving to be the hardest challenge ever. Gone are the times when joy was derived from a simple game of marbles or the spinning of a top, and today, the only noun our bairns can associate with the adjective ‘board’ is ‘exam’.  The interests of current school-going youngsters far surpass our own humble exertions of yore. A few colleagues spoke of stamp, coin and poster collections, while others laughed at their childhood fascination for bus tickets of different values and cutting out silver and gold figures from cigarette foils.  I remembered most vividly my penchant for snipping out pictures of Bollywood actors and actresses and pasting them into a scarp book. How I pestered my poor mother to buy me Stardust and Filmfare magazines!  In my early teens, the preference was for Hindi movies over Tamil ones. They offered more glamour and glitz! It was of a time when movie greats, such as the likes of Rishi Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra, …..  Neetu Singh, Zeenat Aman,  Jaya Badhuri, Rekha …. dominated the silver screen and I was an avid fan. When it came to Bollywood couples, the  Rishi-Neetu relationship got my fullest attention. To this starry-eyed teenager, they were the embodiment of romance. I fought fiercely with friends who offered their preferences as better actors or partners, and over the years, despite being distracted by my own trysts with life and love, this couple has always remained in the periphery of my consciousness. It was, therefore, with a lot of sadness that I received the news that Rishi Kapoor was no more. Losing him was in fact severing a connect with a youthful time in my life where fancy and fantasy kept me happy and provided me with a store house of great memories that I gladly share with friends around the Boss’ square table. Rest in Peace my childhood idol! You are gone but won’t be forgotten. ♥️

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