Mixed Culinary Pleasures.

Clevedon gay dating website near somers Hello Everyone. A few days ago I met a friend, Prabitha George, at her work place and the first thing she said was “Why aren’t you writing anymore?” I promised her that she would soon be reading something from me as I might have some free time coming up. But the greatest mistake that one can make is to think one has time. Last week was one of the most hectic in a long, long while. College is still on lockdown, yet I’m run off my feet. But then, this occupation of mine has never permitted me to stick to the advertised job profile. Anyway, sometimes you need to dodge a few responsibilities to beat the stress and so I took to the kitchen to cook a couple of things that I enjoy eating – Coconut Milk Rasam, Pondicherry Creole Salad and a Chicken Fry (a recipe the husband forwarded to me and a meat that I don’t care for myself). In Pondicherry, the canal that runs through the breadth of the town used to, during French occupation, divide the same along racial lines. The part extending from the canal towards the sea was called the White Town and the other section from the canal, extending westward was the Tamil Quarter. Each had its own culinary uniqueness but most often, as is with imposed racial divides, the lines blur. Colonialism engendered both a mixed race population as well as a hybridized culinary style that defied the divide and literally curried favour with discerning palates on either side to become what we today call Pondicherry Cuisine. Coconut Milk Rasam is definitely a contribution from one side of the canal while Pondicherry Creole Salad is a bounty from the other; both found interchangeably in almost all homes within the boulevard, today. While Coconut Milk Rasam is everyday fare that tantalizes the tastesbuds, Pondicherry Creole Salad is most often reserved for Sunday lunches. Accompanied with a roast of one’s favourite meat, Selvam Bakery’s crisp roll bread, and a sunstantial goblet of red wine, Sunday afternoon is made!

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