Cousin times and Nana’s coconut sweets

bovada lv mobile Chāndur For many years in my life, we were four generations living together under one roof. The grand old nonagenarian, my Nana Caro, left behind a legacy of three children, six grandchildren, twelve great grand children and a host of loving in laws who married them. Summer vacations were inevitably the times we got together in our home in Pondicherry and before the family descended, Nana would stock the meat safe with her delicious pickles, chutneys, and sweets, both to be enjoyed during the visit and to take back home. When twelve coconuts defied the Corona restricted movement ban and showed up on my doorstep yesterday, Nana’s coconut sweets popped into mind. With constant commentary from Zoë on how I don’t measure ingredients accurately, on how I had promised to make the sweet at Christmas but didn’t, on the choices of food colouring, etc., etc., etc., I turned out a plate full of coconut sweets (and yes, she also said I should have cut out diamonds and not squares. The pictures below are in remembrance of ‘cousin times’ and Nana’s coconut sweets that are forever etched in memories that start with ‘Once upon a time…’

Volnovakha betway monopoly

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